"You are an artist before you are a photographer"

Focusing on developing vision and artistic style in addition to technique, Vision Explorers Workshops will take you to the most stimulating cities in the world to give you the ultimate photographic experience and tools to express your vision.

In today’s age where photographers have endless on-line forums, it is part of our mission to create a friendly and welcoming personal environment for like- minded creative people to meet in person, share ideas, network and strengthen the photographic community.

Workshops will be predominantly hands-on, in the field experience accompanied with classroom sessions that will emphasize on conceptual artistic thinking designed to create a mental mind shift from Photographer to Artist.

The Vision Explorers core team is comprised of international award winning photographers, Joel Tjintjelaar and Sharon Tenenbaum, as well as extraordinary cinematographer Armand Djicks . Logistics is handled by Daniel Portal of Another World Photography. In addition to the core team, workshops will have renowned guest speakers that will share their vision and experience.

In addition to still photography, our workshops will give you the opportunity to learn how to create time-lapse fine art films. No need for special equipment, your regular DSLR will suffice. Armand Dijcks, will guide us through the concepts and technical ‘know-hows’ of the basics as well as his leading edge fine art cinematography work.



Joel Tjintjelaar

Professional Fine Art  Photographer

Joel is an international award-winning fine art photographer specialized in architecture. He is also the co-author of “From Basics to Fine-Art B&W Photography: Architecture and Beyond”. This book is considered by many to be the best book on B&W photography in the last 10 years.


Sharon Tenenbaum

 Professional Fine Art  Photographer

Inspired by a deep appreciation for engineering by solving human problems with natural design, Sharon seeks to convey the harmony of man made together with nature in her images. Reflecting innate power and splendor for others to experience builds cultural appreciation for art, science, and the environment.



Armand Dijcks


Armand creates innovative visuals and develops new techniques blending both still and moving images into a new visual language. Letting go of established conventions, he captures the essence and tells a compelling, evocative story. His goal is to share his journey of visual exploration and to help you expand your own creative horizons beyond what you thought was possible.



Daniel Portal

 Daniel Portal, Another World Photography

A native of Buenos Aires, Daniel has photographed and guided trips to Patagonia and the Puna / Atacama deserts of Northern Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. His love of nature drives his passion for the most remote places of the continent. When he is not guiding photographic trips, Daniel focuses on his portraiture and real estate photography.



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